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Items Necessary for Better Dogging Participation

Dogging is a term that refers to conducting sexual intercourse with a stranger in a public setting as other people watch. It is what certain people find to be most exciting in their social encounters. In most instances, such a scenario is considered illegal. This is why it is not open to just about anyone out there.

You have the internet to help you when you need to know more about getting in on this act. You will even find certain forums where the dates and locations of the upcoming dogging events are shared to those who are keen on participating. You will get invited once you are made a member. There are also those who actively participate, and those who prefer to watch. The way they set up these events, you will find them to be enjoyable no matter your position. These events are attended by both single people or those with partners, to try out some new experiences. While you prepare for it, you will need to have certain items with you.

You should buy yourself protection. Getting condoms are the norm. You need to have plenty of them if you will be having more than one partner in the event. If you value your health, you will not take chances. Since there are for both genders, it should be easier for everyone to remain protected.

You will also have to buy lubrication. The length of these events tends to wear out natural lubrication fast. Water based lubrications are ideal due to their gentler reaction with latex. You will also manage to have more and deeper orgasms. Women need to have this, and give it to any interested man before you commence.

You should also consider where you will be based. The excitement of doing it on the floor, or ground, or even the hood of your car should not make you forget to keep it soft. Therefore a blanket or any other soft covering shall help keep the act more enjoyable. There are even some events where participants bring along mattresses for that purpose. This is how you will enjoy yourself more.

You cannot forget a source of light. A flashlight is a good example. You will get to see everything going on when you are a partner. This is also necessary when you are only there to watch. The darker and more secluded an area is, the more important it is for you to carry the flashlight. You will also manage to keep insects and reptiles away.

You should think of how you will clean up after. Dogging is a dirty activity. This should not be carried home with you. You will even find getting into your car to be too messy. Therefore, you need tissue paper, paper towels, baby wipes, hand towels, water bottles, as well as some antiseptic.
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