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The Best Wax Session Preparation Strategies

Waxing is a process that leaves your skin looking gorgeous. This is also one of those procedures no one likes to be put through. You can go for the best procedure in the market, but the discomfort that accompanies a waxing session never really goes away. People have different pain tolerance levels, which means we shall all experience the pain, but at different intensities. Seeing as you have to keep your waxing appointment, there are a few ways through which you can prepare yourself for it.

There are pain medications you can use. When you have a good one, you will feel the pain at a much lower intensity, thus going through the session successfully. Make sure you follow the instructions, to be safe with the medication.

You should then wax at the right time of the month. You should make sure you do not wax when you are about to have your periods, as you are more sensitive down there. You need to make sure it is not less than a week before the periods.
You also need to keep a regular waxing schedule. The more you wax, the more you interfere with your hair growth pattern. Over time, you will notice hair in your pubic region thinning. You will thus have to wax less often, and also it shall be less painful. You will notice that as you wax regularly, the hair shall not be too tall at those times. Tall hair means you will feel more pain. This is best handled by waxing when it is not too tall.

It is also important for you to get ready mentally for the sessions. You need to get into get rid of all feelings of tension and anxiety before the session begins. If you o in while you are jittery and apprehensive, you shall find that the entire process is unbearable and the pain more pronounced. If you were to relax and stay calm, you would be through the session with minimal pain felt. You can, for example, go for the session over the weekend. This is normally when most people are relaxed and not in a rush. They shall notice the soothing ambiance of the parlor, and even get in the right mood. You can even go for a massage before waxing to relax yourself completely.

You can also go for a skin numbing cream if you are too afraid of the pain to come. These shall numb your skin and thus leave you impervious to the pain sensations. They have to be given by a doctor through prescription. They also work well for those with sensitive skin, where most of the pain shall be after the session. An alternative to such a cream is a cold compress, or a post-wax treatment. Those shall keep skin irritation to a minimum.

You shall find that after you have dealt with the pain involved, you shall be left with such great looking skin for quite a while.

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